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What's in a resume?

Our professional resumes have opened the doors to up-and-coming start-ups as well as a prestigious group of industry-recognized companies, such as: Google, Deloitte, Citi, News Corp., Black Rock, and Nike, to name just a few.

Polished Presentation

A resume needs to be a polished presentation of you and what you have to offer as a qualified candidate. It needs to show what you bring to the table, or quite frankly, what a company would be getting if they brought you on-board.

Applicant Tracking System Savvy

It won't do you any good to have a great looking resume if no one is seeing it. Nowadays a resume must be Applicant Tracking System (ATS) optimized and written to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems.

Reader Engagement

Hiring Professionals read through less than half of the resumes they receive. Once your resume has landed on top of the pile, it needs to engage the reader, through dynamic wording and format, to help you stand out from the rest. 

Hits The Ground Running

When considering a candidate, Hiring Professionals are asking themselves, can this candidate come in and help us do what we do - better? Your resume should answer that question before it's even asked.

Gets A Foot In The Door

A good resume needs to help make the introduction happen. Once inside, you can sell yourself. We want a Hiring Professional to pick up the phone to say, "Hey we like what we see can you come in and tell us more?". 

Shows Your Worth

Hiring Professionals know what they have to spend on a salary well before you even know you're being considered. It's smart to give them a resume that undoubtedly says,"hey, I'm well-worth what you are looking to spend'.

Every new resume we build is from scratch. Not a template.

We work with clients worldwide, in every industry at every career level, from CEOs of Fortune 500 organizations to brand new graduates. Our clients regularly gain interviews with a diverse group of companies from industry-recognized leaders to up and coming start-ups based on our resumes.