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What Our Clients Are Saying Within Their Industries

Chief Information Officer

"The Resume Review has an outstanding sense of what details should stand out and which attributes get the most attention and positive feedback, and then draw those items out in a visually appealing format. Their writers are very personable, and extremely punctual in delivering results." - Dheeraj R."

Vice President of Sales

"Thank you again for your efforts. You will be happy to know that I received a call on that position [with a leading Fortune 500 company] about two hours after I applied using the new version of my resume." - Marcus B.

Director of Strategic Operations

"You were phenomenal in taking my old poorly written resume, and making it a written masterpiece. I have a career that appears to be disjointed and you took that and made it cohesive and it finally told MY story. I will highly recommend you to anyone needing a resume 'freshing'." - Jane L.

Global Supply Chain Professional

"Thank you so much for your work in updating my LinkedIn profile. Would you believe, a recruiter has already reached out? Coincidence? I think not. I very much appreciate it!" - Angela W.

Apparel & Fashion Executive

"The Resume Review did an outstanding job in helping me get the most out of my resume by highlighting my accomplishments and emphasizing key ATS phrases. The team exhibited excellent communication skills and was very personable. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out." - Camryn S.

Healthcare Professional

"It's difficult to be objective when it comes to looking at your own stuff a lot of the time, so I can't tell you how grateful this made me. I applied to a few positions today over lunch and already got a positive response from a company I'm interested in." - Rick R.