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Professional Resume Writing Team

Meet Our Team

The Resume Review's team is comprised of awesome people and industry-defining experts who are busy helping tons of professionals each year make more out of making a living.


Mickelle D., Founder & CEO

Mickelle thrives when she's at work - which she began in earnest at age 15. In 2001, with a Labor Relations degree in hand, she began her postcollege career in NYC at a Global Talent Agency helping to find celebrities gigs. Exciting as it was, she soon realized she wanted to do more with her time on the planet and expanded her efforts to the wider world of work.

In 2010, she founded and began building The Resume Review one client at a time. Today TRR is a flourishing organization, employing many, and helping thousands of professionals each year to make more out of making a living.

Animal rescue is also a personal passion for Mickelle when she's not running TRR. Luckily for her, her husband Andrew and daughter Essie go along with these endless endeavors. At present count there are 3 dogs, 5 cats, a guinea pig, a shetland pony, and a longhorn steer named Mr. Famous, among their ranks.


Whitney S., Head of Client Success

Whitney loves to network for the benefit of helping others!  She runs a tight ship here at TRR (all I's dotted, T's crossed) and is the epitome of calm, cool, and collected. Everyone loves working with and speaking to Whitney, and our clients and team members alike know they've made a strong advocate with her on their side. 

On any given day, Whitney is connecting with clients, answering our neverending questions, ensuring our goals and deadlines are met, running company-wide meetings, and leading our many teams to success.

Whitney's focus outside of TRR is spending time with her family, their dog Miko, and their neighborhood's many, many children (they all end up at Whitney's house!), or working on her latest decor project. No kidding, her house's interior looks like it should be within the pages of Architectural Digest.

Manager of Special Projects

Brittany S., Head of Special Projects

Brittany is our glue and the one who keeps us sailing along on this amazing journey. She's a master of all and wears so many hats we've lost count. Day-to-day Brittany is rapidly responding to our relentless requests and figuring out the best ways to improve our company, our many teams, and our client outreach. 

Many of her days with us start early and end late. She's the hardest working mom we know, and we know a ton of them, who never ceases to amaze us with how she keeps it all successfully moving forward.

When she's done keeping us organized and inline (who are we trying to kid, she's never done keeping us inline!), she's even busier wrangling her 3 small boys and surviving parenthood alongside her husband Aaron, and we think they added a big fluffy dog along the way.

Head of Social Media

Carolyn L., Head of Social Media

Carolyn leads our Social Media efforts helping to expand our messaging and mission. Each day we connect with thousands of people across the globe due to her immediate efforts, and are very excited to see where she takes us on the world wide web next!

When not focusing on TRR and current trending hashtags, she is entertaining her two young kids, Penny and Miles, and when energy permits you’ll find her enthusiastically baking. 


Misty C., Head of Client Outreach

Misty is a longstanding and much valued member of our team with an amazing ability to connect with people and the world at large. Each day she's speaking with clients and potential clients to answer questions, give advice, and offer current job market insight.

If she's not at her desk, busy with her 3 amazing kids, or with one of her too-many-to-name-here pets, including a llama(!), Misty's usually at the beach as often as possible; so maybe listen closely for the sound of crashing waves if you call in to speak with her!


Andrea N., Head of Talent US/UK

Andrea is brilliant in supporting our clients seeking help with their Resumes, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn Profiles. She works to ensure everything we create for our clients is polished and refined to truly stand out to future potential employers. 

Originally from Hungary, Andrea spends her time traveling between many countries. Daily she's helping ensure our US operations is focus and moving forward successfully while helping to expand our footprint into the UK market at the beginning of 2020.


Karleen T., Certified Resume Writer

Karleen will set you straight - no two ways about it. As a former Human Resources professional, she's reviewed thousands of resumes for all kinds of positions. She understands first hand why some resumes make it through to the "interview" pile while so many others do not. Tapping into this experience, Karleen knows how to make our clients' life's work shine and pull out their greatest achievements. 

She is also a successful published author and recently attended a prestigious Global Writer's Conference in Las Vegas, and that's all we'll say about Vegas.


Lynda F., Certified Resume Writer

Lynda is an outstanding member of our Writing Team with unmatched client dedication. Case in point, she thankfully (and safely) outran the most recent California Wildfires AND still delivered her projects on time!

A Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC), Lynda has 8+ years of experience writing resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn Profiles, and other supporting documents.  She holds an Honors BA in English, Writing emphasis.

Client Outreach

Christine C., Client Outreach

Christine is as informative as they come, and expertly answers the many questions sent her way each day. With a background in recruiting, and as a longtime TRR team member, we truly appreciate her in-depth understanding of our company and the ever-changing job market.

When she isn't trying to balance her client call schedule, she is chasing after two young children, and a dog while being a wife to a very busy husband. Her other endeavors include drinking coffee (lots of it), eating pizza, and seeing live theater and music when she can find the time. We sing to her daily. She loves it!


Brenda N., Certified Resume Writer

Brenda is a stellar member of our Writing Team with a longstanding history of successfully helping clients connect with their next career journey. Her can-do attitude is contagious, along with her belief and efforts in treating people the way she wants to be treated.

She is also the only team member across the e-n-t-i-r-e company who took our professional looking, no selfies, photo request seriously. Thank you for helping us look so professional and to be better people, Brenda!


Cassie M., Certified Resume Writer

Cassandra joined our Writing Team because of her outstanding ability to communicate with clients and uncover their best talents. She also brought with her an extensive expertise in many different career fields.

Currently pursuing her Master's degree, Cassie has a tremendous love of learning and helping others. Certified as a Professional Resume Writer AND High School History Teacher, she's spent a lot of time (praying for patience) helping students find their writing voice. 


George C., People Person

Just kidding! We wanted to see if you were still reading about our team! Can we get sued for this joke? 

Professional Resume Writer

Cheryl C., Certified Resume Writer

Cheryl has over a decade of experience working with senior level and executive clientele. Over the last 8 years she has worked nearly exclusively with clients in the federal and private sectors across 20 industries. 

She's a powerhouse for sure, and a tremendous asset to our team. She also holds dual degrees in English and Language Arts.

It's important to note Cheryl’s dogs, Waldo and Beau, go to work with her every single day and are now the most knowledgeable resume writing pups on the planet! If you’re speaking with her and hear a bark it means they approve her messaging, or they might be hungry.

Professional Resume Writer

Cindy W., Certified Resume Writer

Cindy has been a prolific business writer for 30+ years, with a firm background in HR and recruiting, focused across pharmaceutical sciences, environmental engineering, banking and wealth management, among others. 

Recognized for her ability to communicate clearly and succinctly, Cindy believes in a common-sense approach to her work. 

Retired pro-bodybuilders, and parents to 5, Cindy and her husband, Ray, enjoy riding in their free time (she rides an Indian Roadmaster Classic; he a Harley Davidson). Her diversity of interests - she also plays the trumpet! - is due to a belief that change and growth are essential to a life well-lived. Well played, Cindy! 

Professional Resume Writer

Heather H., Certified Resume Writer

Heather helps clients change the trajectory of their careers. She's a New York Book Festival award-winning novelist who has ghostwritten over a dozen books.

She is also a featured blogger in the Arts & Culture section of the Huffington Post by personal request from Arianna Huffington. 

When Heather is working on crafting professional resumes and cover letters she is often joined by her two officemates, Lexi and Kizzy, her and her husband's two gorgeous black labs.

Professional Resume Writer

Patti K., Certified Resume Writer

Patti has a huge passion for writing (and show tunes). She has written for blogs and articles for websites, and truly loves writing resumes, meeting new people, and getting to know their career goals, diving deep into what drives them. 

Patti is a musical theater nerd (her words, not ours), an active part of a community theater organization she helped start, and teaches voice lessons to other show tune lovers. She hails from a tiny town in Upstate NY, is a wife, mom of 2 rambunctious little boys (and 2 fur babies), and loves her morning cup of coffee. 

Professional Resume Writer

Allison H., Certified Resume Writer

Allison is a Certified Professional Resume Writer recognized for creating innovative and attention grabbing resumes, profiles, personal bios, and associated branding for diverse clients ranging from entry-level to executive professionals. 

With 15+ years of experience in sales and corporate recruiting, Allison is exceptional at understanding and supporting our clients with their greater career needs beyond writing. 


Your Picture Here

We are always in search of positive, talented people to join our hardworking and fun team. Are you looking for an amazing company to join where you can add serious value and truly make people's lives better with the work you do? If so, get in touch!

As a general rule, we're not hand holders to anyone other than our clients. Team members at TRR thrive together as independent leaders, who know how to work cohesively, are subject matter experts, and all around good people eager to pitch in and make us better as a whole. If this sounds like your bag, then:

Alex The Intern

Alex M., Intern

Alex is just getting her career started! 

It has been our immense pleasure to watch her grow, bug her with our tedious task requests, and teach her the best way to have some fun while getting serious work done. Not to mention how best to navigate a team Starbucks run because otherwise what's really the point of having an intern?

Every day she amazes us with her attention for details and willingness to tackle just about anything we throw at her. No we don't actually throw things at her, that would be unprofessional, but we do send her a lot of todos.

Alex is currently pursuing a degree in Educational Sociology. Go forth young grasshopper!


Mariko, Our Sponsor Dog

Mariko is TRR's amazing sponsor dog. She lives at the Soi Dog Foundation, an animal sanctuary in Phuket, Thailand. 

Soi Dog's mission is to improve the welfare of dogs and cats, to create a society without homeless animals, and to ultimately end animal cruelty. We couldn't agree more, and greatly appreciate all that they do to help so many animals each and every year since 2003.

You can learn more about Mariko, her life at the sanctuary, and Soi Dog on our TRR Supports page.

The Resume Review Team

And Many More...

There's not enough room to list our entire team, but they couldn't go unmentioned! We're a bit like Gremlins in a sense, without the water part. Give us work and we multiply!

In addition to all of the team members mentioned above there are many more of us, including our stellar extended support staff, who keep us moving forward each and every day (Expert IT Techs, Awe-Inspiring Admins, Super Responsive Receptionists, Social Media Mavens, Meticulous Marketing & Design Crew, and our Business Development Mob), and a lot more spouses, kids, and animals. 

And yes, there may have been some grumblings across the team for taking up available spots to make a joke, and showcase a dog (& the intern), but hey, that's how we roll!

Thank you for reading about our amazing team!

As experts in our field, we have a true passion for helping people with their career development. 

If you need help, have a question, or would just like to chat with us then please give us a call at 

1-800-254-1833, or send us an e-mail at info@theresumereview.com

(unless of course you're George C.'s attorney then please forget you saw this page)