Make placements faster!

As former corporate and in-house recruiters we know all too well your time is money, earned or lost, and depends on the caliber of resume you have in hand.

Although you may have sourced some fantastic candidates only a few of them (if you’re lucky) will have solid readily submittable resumes.

As a professional recruiter, whether you’re working collaboratively in a large office or singlehandedly, you are truly an island onto yourself, which begs the question: do you spend your own precious time editing and re-editing bad resumes?

What if ALL of your candidates had awesome resumes?

We repeat, What. If. ALL. Of. Your. Candidates. Had. Awesome. Resumes?

-     How much faster could you make placements?

-     How many new clients could you gain by having an exceptional roster of amazing candidates?

-     How often could you close deals by focusing on setting up interview times and negotiating salaries instead?


Well here’s where we make that happen for you:



How We Work

We'd love it if you told your candidates about us (and we’ll reward you both).

1.   Send our information to your candidates, along with a unique referral code specific to you (_________), which gives them $50.00 off any Resume Package we offer.

2. Once your candidates use this unique code to make a discounted purchase with us, we will send you $50.00 per sale.

Send us 2 new clients and when they purchase one of our Resume Packages we’ll send you $100.00; send us 10 new clients, we’ll send you $500.00; send us 100 new clients and… you get the point.


We’ll make your job easier &

answer all the questions in the process.

Your candidates have questions you can’t or don’t have time to answer? We’ll happily answer all of their questions & help close the sale! Have them:

-     Call us at 1-800-254-1833 (M-F 9AM to 6PM EST)

-     E-mail us at

Your candidate information is 100% confidential and is NEVER shared outside of The Resume Review.


And It Just Gets Better

Post your jobs on our job board for FREE!

Once you start gaining traction with us, you’ll be able to post your jobs on our job board. We will also share those jobs across all of our social media to help you gain thousands of new connections and eyes on your jobs – all for free.

Our network is vast and we’ll help you close deals and make sales any way we can. We are here to make work-life easier all around so you too can make the most out of making a living!


Share Us With Your Candidates

Have a solid candidate with a less than stellar resume? Send them our info:

Hi _____,

After reviewing your resume, I think it could be more competitive for the current job market, and a bit sleeker for someone at your career level.

Here’s a resume writing company my candidates have used in the past with solid results, No pressure to use them, but here’s their About Us page attached incase you wanted to consider sending out a better resume as we get started.




About Us

The Resume Review is a professional Resume Writing & Career Coaching company.

We create resumes for clients across the globe, in every industry at every career level, from CEO's of leading Fortune 100 organizations to brand new graduates.

Our clients regularly capture interviews across a large and diverse group of industry-recognized companies, such as: Google, Accenture, Thomson Reuters, News Corp., IAC, Nike, to name just a few; to up and coming start-ups.

In addition, to an ever-growing client list, we are the:

-      Top Preferred Resume Writers & Career Coaches of

-     Selected Career Services Partner of

-     Official Resume Writers & Career Coaches of the National Football League (NFL) Alumni.

-     Chosen Resume Writers & Career Coaches for the executive suite of several Fortune 500 companies.

-     In-house Resume Experts for Best Hire Career Fairs.

Our Certified Resume Writers are experts in their fields and create each resume to ensure we do the best job possible to help professionals make the most out of making a living.

Visit to learn even more about us; review our packages; and get in the game.


Terms & Conditions

How you get paid!

TERMS - Once your referrals purchase a Resume Package, using your assigned referral code, we will send you $50.00 for each new Resume Package purchase. Pretty simple.

All payments are subject to a 30-day review period during which they will be checked against the terms & conditions below.

CONDITIONS - All referrals must be a new client to, Inc. and not have any previous history with us. A new client is defined as a person not having a past order with, Inc. All referrals will be checked against our database and any existing clients will not be counted as a new referral.

The referred client must use your unique discount code in their first transaction. This cannot be negotiated retrospectively.

All referrals are subject to approval and validation by, Inc. and we reserve the right to remove any participants from this program, modify the terms or conditions, and/or reject any referral rewards based on our own fraud protection practices.

Owing to restrictions in place with the Referral Program application, any refund on a new client order (either full or partial), will potentially result in the reward being invalidated. We will, however, review any disputes with regards to refunds.

By participating in this program you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.