Meet Our Team

The Resume Review's team is comprised of awesome people and industry-defining experts who are busy helping tons of people each year make the most out of making a living.

Mickelle D., Founder & CEO

Mickelle's rescuing animals or talking about her children when she's not running the company. And then sometimes she does all three at once. Bliss!

Brittany S., Manager of Special Projects 

Our glue and the one who keeps us sailing along on this amazing journey. Brittany is master of all and wears so many hats we've lost count. When she's done keeping us organized she's busy wrangling her 3 small boys and surviving parenthood alongside her husband Aaron.

Gary N., Recruiting Services

Working cross-functionally is Gary's middle name. It's actually Louis, but go with us here. What we want to let you know is Gary's amazing at working with professionals across any industry, as well as each TRR team, to fully support clients in transition to help them obtain a powerful professional resume AND place them. The 1-2 punch (maybe that should be his middle name)!

Misty C., Client Relations & Business Partnerships

Misty has an amazing ability to connect with people and the world at large. When she's not at her desk or busy with her 3 amazing (super-active) kids, or one of her too-many-to-name-here pets, including a llama!, Misty is usually at the beach as often as possible; so maybe listen closely for the sound of crashing waves when you call in to speak with her!

Anna J., Resume Writer (& Smeller of Smells)

Writing is Anna's passion, particularly interviewing people and telling their stories. She works remotely and lives in South Dakota of all places - - how cool is that!?!? - - and freshly clothesline dried clothes is her favorite smell. Anna might be our favorite.

George C., People Person (& Just Kidding) 

We wanted to see if you were still reading about our team! Can we get sued for this joke? 

Melissa B., Head Career Coach 

A superstar in her own right and the only person we know who could follow George C. and shine brighter. Melissa has helped numerous clients gain larger salaries, get better jobs, and find a work-life balance. Everyone loves MB!

Jason L., Resume Analyst

One of the happiest and most laid back people we know. Jason really cares about helping people understand what a great resume needs to look like and he works really hard writing Free Resume Critiques just to prove it. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about our team! 

In addition to the team mentioned above there are many, many more of us including our stellar extended support staff (Expert IT Technicians, Awe-Inspiring Admins, Social Media Mavens, and our Business Development Crew) along with our 3 company dogs.

As experts in our field, we successfully help 1000s of people each year with Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles and their Career Development needs. 

If you need help, have a question, and/or would like a Free Resume Critique then please give us a call at 1-800-254-1833 or e-mail us at

(unless of course you're George Clooney's attorney then please forget you saw this page).