Frequently Asked Questions

What type of industries and/or level of career professionals do you work with?

The Resume Review works with clients across the globe in every industry at every career level, from CEO's of leading Fortune 100 organizations to brand new graduates - we've seen it all.


Do you offer resume critiques?

Yes, we'll be happy to review your resume and can be reached via or directly at 1-800-254-1833.

We think it's also important to note, most resumes have similar mistakes and here are some of the issues we see time and again: 

Beginning Summary: completely missing; too standard; and/or not telling the reader what you really have to offer as a qualified candidate. Also often missing or being underutilized is a list of Core Competencies, a vital piece of a resume nowadays, that provides a comprehensive overview of your strengths via key terms.

Content: the wording is often underwhelming and doesn't excite the reader to keep reading; achievements are buried by a wall of bulleted statements; and/or it is tasked-based versus achievement-based, as a great resume should be focused.

Mechanics & Design: the layout and overall design is lacking throughout; words are misspelled and random words get Capitalized mid-sentence. Every word, every line and every section should keep the reader engaged and give a mechanically sound presentation.

Overall Impression: clients undersell themselves and their abilities time and again without even knowing this is happening by working with a lackluster resume. A resume needs to be a highly-engaging and effective marketing tool which concisely conveys a potential employee's experience, skills and expertise to a potential employer.


What is the process and how long does it take?

The process is very straightforward:

  • Purchase a package from our website.
  • Pick a day/time to have a 30+/- minute call with a Certified Writer (or 60+/- call for Career Coaching Sessions) to discuss your career, future goals, & how best to position yourself in the marketplace.
  • Resume delivered within 5 to 7 business days via e-mail.
  • Once delivered, you have 15-days to follow-up with your writer as needed (via email and/or telephone) to ensure you're 100% happy with the final product.
  • Average project start-to-finish time frame is about 1½ weeks.

What sets The Resume Review apart from other services out there? 

We are the best in the industry. Our resumes get our clients noticed by hiring professionals across the globe. We are highly approachable and work with every client one-on-one until they tell us they are 100% happy with the new resume we create and the services we provide

Not only are we very good at what we do, our career services and client support are unmatched in the industry

Our team works directly with 1000s of clients every year and successfully helps each and every one put their best for forward to capture interviews, get new jobs, gain higher salaries, and much more. 

Our team is comprised of certified professionals who are experts in their field. We understand our clients' careers are their life's blood and the resume is in fact their life's work represented in everything we create. We take this very seriously.

What is The Resume Review's client success rate?

Our clients have tremendous success with the resumes we create, and although we don't guarantee employment results, we work with every client until they are 100% satisfied with their new resume and services we provide. Have a look at our Client Feedback page to learn more about what our clients have to say about us.


What is the refund policy? 

All sales are final once you have spoken with your Resume Writer and/or Career Coach, as our resume writing methods and in-depth industry knowledge is shared during this call. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We work with every client until they are 100% satisfied with the resumes and services we provide.